A calendar with several filters allows you to create tasks and monitor their implementation. Create tasks in a contact card or company card and track their execution in real time.
Using filters, you can view tasks for each specific user and for all at once, view tasks for a day, week, month. Separating tasks by color will instantly determine the type of task.

Who is suitable for?

For any company, even if the team consists of one or two people. Allow to track the completion of tasks and plan work for several months in advance.

What problems solves?

When tasks are postponed too often

When there is no plan and it is impossible to track the execution of tasks

When writing tasks in a notebook is not effective

Integration with Google will always have a task list at hand

Extended Calendar feature
Allows you to group tasks into groups. For example, grouping tasks according to urgency and criticality of their implementation will allow you to correctly prioritize for you and your employees.

This feature will also allow you to use the calendar as a booking system. For example, for travel companies, this feature will allow you to plan tours. Each group of tasks can be used as a plan for a separate tour.