The module allows you to create estimates without the need for additional use of Word or Excel. Creating template estimates will increase the speed of the preparation of commercial proposals and the performance of the estimators.

Estimates may consist of headings, subheadings, delimiters, composite works and articles. Specify the percentage of surcharge hidden from customers, which will be automatically added to each article of the estimate. Also, customize the discount, which will be displayed on both the estimators and your customers. Look at the sample estimate.

The work of your estimators will be reduced to loading template estimates, removing unwanted components and indicating mark-ups.

In the “Other Information” section, enter the VAT data and calculate the cost already including taxes.

After drawing up an estimate, the document will be available for download and shipment in PDF format.

The quantity and price estimates will automatically be displayed in the analytical module Dashboard.

Create a database of materials used to calculate the cost of work. Download the technical documentation of the material to automatically attach it to the estimate.

Composite works
Work, the cost of which is calculated from the components: manpower, materials, equipment and subcontractors.

Database of works / services (composite works)


Allows you to quickly add composite work to estimates

from the prepared database (templates).

Audits and cost estimates

Has the client changed the terms or added extra work?

Create a budget revision with one click.

Document portfolio
Upload the required documents to the “Document Portfolio” section (Company presentation, conditions and work plan, materials used, quality standards, etc.) to automatically attach them to estimates or print out for a new dossier.