The HR module will help you plan, monitor and manage all processes related to employees, contracts, documents and salaries. All data – in one place.

Create accounts for employees and store personal data, official information, work experience and information about education in one place. Print the form and use when setting up a new employee to work.

Who is suitable for?

If you would like to improve the structure of your business and limit access to information, use this module.

What problems solves?

No control over staff time

Lack of a unified database of employees

No section of access to information (price of services, etc.)

Function “Access setting”
Combine contacts into groups and differentiate access by department or separately for each employee. Customize yourself access to any information, to edit or delete it.

Function “Scopes”

If the system is used by several departments or it is necessary to divide the “areas of visibility” in the DIGITAL Customer Service Chain, then this function should be used. Thanks to it, services will be displayed only if the status in which it is within the scope of a group of users.
For example, you have two departments – the sales department and the support department. For the sales department, the first scope will be configured (from the first status until the application is transferred to the next department), and for the support department from the moment the application is received until the payment for the service is received.

Check-List function
Create checklists with any content in unlimited quantities for better control of work. This feature can also be used as a reminder when placing an order or visiting a customer. The check sheet can be printed and taken with you or filled in online in the system. See a checklist here.

What is it for?
This feature allows you to use the system at once several departments without the need to generate a new ERP DIGA. In this case, each department will see only the area for which it is responsible. The data on all contacts and companies will be displayed for each department – there is no need to transfer data.